Friday, November 21, 2014

STE and LES Meeting with Dean Altiero on November 18, 2014

STE and the New Orleans Chapter of the Louisiana Engineering Society (LES) met this past Tuesday (11/18/14) with Dean Nicholas Altiero of the Tulane School of Science and Engineering (SSE) to discuss the return of EE, ME and CE at the SSE. He indicated he is in favor of growing these programs back, but will need more support from industry and business to do so. He also indicated that the more logical programs to return first are EE and ME. Tulane has already returned Computer Science (CS) and wants to expand in the areas of AI and robotics. The meeting was productive with the promise to continue the discussion. Also on a relate note the reconstituted STE is gaining acceptance by the Dean and the Tulane Alumni Association after years of separation.